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Human Memory

Human Memory - Human Memory
Human Memory

Human Memory

This book provides a complete survey of research and theory on human memory in three major sections. A background section covers issues of the history of memory, and basic neuroscience and methodology. A core topics section discusses sensory registers, mechanisms of forgetting, and short-term/working, nondeclarative, episodic, and semantic memory. Finally, a special topics section includes formal models of memory, memory for space and time, autobiographical memory, memory and reality, and more. Throughout, the author weaves applications from psychology, medicine, law, and education to show the usefulness of the concepts in everyday life and multiple career paths. Opportunities for students to explore the assessment of memory in laboratory-based settings are also provided. Chapters can be covered in any order, providing instructors with the utmost flexibility in course assignments, and each one includes an overview, key terms, Stop and Review synopses, Try it Out exercises, Improving Your Memory and Study in Depth boxes, study questions, and Putting It All Together and Explore More sections. This text is intended for undergraduate or graduate courses in human memory, human learning and memory, neuropsychology of memory, and seminars on topics in human memory. It can also be used f...

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Human Memory - Human Memory
Human Memory

Human Memory

This book balances coverage of theory, research, and data in order to promote a more complete understanding of how human memory works. The book strikes a balance between historically significant findings and current research. Actual experiments, both paper and pencil and online demonstrations, are included to help students see the link between theory and data.

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Human Memory - Human Memory (2nd Edition)
Human Memory (2nd Edition)

Human Memory

Provides students with a guide to human memory, its properties, theories about how it works, and how studying it can help us understand who we are and why we do the things that we do.   This book provides a very broad range of topics covering more territory than most books. In addition to some coverage of basic issues of human memory and cognition that are of interest to researchers in the field, the chapters also cover issues that will be relevant to students with a range of interests , including those students interested in clinical, social, and developmental psychology, as well as those planning on going on to medical and law schools. The writing is aimed at talking directly to students (as opposed to talking down to them) in a clear and effective manner. Not too dense, but also not too conversational as well.  The new edition will include, in addition to a broader range of topics, a series of exercises that allow the student to try out the concepts and principles conveyed in the chapters, or to use as the basis for exploring their own ideas.

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Human Memory - Essentials of Human Memory (Classic Edition) (Psychology Press & Routledge Classic Editions)
Essentials of Human Memory (Classic Edition) (Psychology Press & Routledge Classic

Human Memory

This Classic Edition of the best-selling textbook offers an in-depth overview of approaches to the study of memory. With empirical research from both the real world and the neuropsychological clinic, the book explains the fundamental workings of human memory in a clear and accessible style. This edition contains a new introduction and concluding chapter in which the author reflects on how the book is organized, and also on how the field of memory has developed since it was first published. Essentials of Human Memory evolved from a belief that, although the amount we know about memory has increased enormously in recent years, it is still possible to explain it in a way that would be fully understood by the general reader. After a broad overview of approaches to the study of memory, short-term and working memory are discussed, followed by learning, the role of organizing in remembering and factors influencing forgetting, including emotional variables and claims for the role of repression in what has become known as the false memory syndrome. The way in which knowledge of the world is stored is discussed next, followed by an account of the processes underlying retrieval, and their application to the practical issues of eyewitness testimony. The breakdown of memory in the amnesic s...

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Human Memory - Human Memory: Theory and Practice, Revised Edition
Human Memory: Theory and Practice, Revised

Human Memory

Suitable as a college-level text for a human memory course or a more general course on cognitive psychology. This edition (previous, 1990) contains three new chapters concerning the role of consciousness and knowledge in learning and memory. The rest of the volume, unaltered, covers topics including perceiving and memory, control of memory, practice, acquiring habits, retrieval, and autobiographical memory. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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Human Memory - Human Memory: The Processing of Information
Human Memory: The Processing of

Human Memory

First Published in 1976. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Human Memory - Human Memory: A Constructivist View
Human Memory: A Constructivist

Human Memory

While memory research has recently focused on brain images and neurological underpinnings of transmitters, Human Memory: A Constructivist View assesses how our individual identity affects what we remember, why and how. This book brings memory back to the constructivist questions of how all the experiences of an individual, up to the point of new memory input, help to determine what that person pays attention to, how that information is interpreted, and how all that ultimately affects what goes into memory and how it is stored. This also affects what can be recalled later and what kind of memory distortions are likely to occur. The authors describe constructionist theories of memory, what they predict, how this is borne out in research findings, presenting everyday life examples for better understanding of the material and interest. Intended for memory researchers and graduate level courses, this book is an excellent summary of human memory research from the constructivist perspective. Defines constructivist theory in memory researchAssesses research findings relative to constructivist predictionsIdentifies how personal experience dictates attention, interpretation, and storageIntegrates constructivist based findings with cognitive neuroscience

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Human Memory - Human Memory: Structures and Images
Human Memory: Structures and

Human Memory

Human Memory: Structures and Images offers students a comprehensive overview of research in human memory. Providing a theoretical background for the research, author Mary B. Howes uses a clear and accessible format to cover three major areas―mainstream experimental research; naturalistic research; and work in the domains of the amnesias, malfunctions of memory, and neuroscience.

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Human Memory - Superhuman Memory: The Comprehensive Guide To Increase Your Memory, Learning Abilities, And Speed Reading By 500% - Develop A Photographic Memory - IN JUST 14 DAYS
Superhuman Memory: The Comprehensive Guide To Increase Your Memory, Learning Abilities, And Speed Reading By 500% - Develop A Photographic Memory - IN JUST 14

Human Memory

Do you often forget people’s names? Do you find learning difficult? Or maybe you get stressed or just too distracted to focus on getting work done? Would you like to double your productivity?How about dramatically increasing your ability to memorize by 500% in as little just 14 days by mastering next-generation methods of memory enhancement using SUPER-LEARNING?This guide serves to do just that, giving you a structured program on how to organize the information in your brain into an efficient file and recall system.We will give your mind directions of how to get where it needs to go using the best shortcuts.You will also be shown powerful advanced strategies that the world's best memory masters get themselves to focus their minds to, as well as actionable information that will pave the road for you to enjoy long-lasting bullet-proof memory.What does “Superhuman Memory” Give you?Never be known as someone with a “bad memory” ever againBecome a human dictionary by recalling facts with easeNever forget anyone's name again, ever! Double - or even triple - your reading speed and get more out of your study sessions Never get stressed out and master your attention so you can focus and concentrate longerAttract successful people by maximizing your interpersonal intelligence! ...

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Human Memory - Human Memory
Human Memory

Human Memory

The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a guide to human memory, its properties, and theories about how it works and how an understanding of it can help understand who we are and why we do the things that we do. The author focuses on the fundamentals of how our memory works and how it is studied.

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